She dances in a ring of fire..
Okay, so, I just finished reading Patricia Kennealy’s book.

Here are a few varied thoughts:

*Patricia seems utterly obsessed with Pamela Courson. Her name is mentioned (on average) at least every 3 pages.

*Patricia Kennealy’s sense of humor is very barely existent.. the couple of moments of intended humor (which are buried deeply beneath her self congratulating, “intellectual” inner monologues) fall flat and feel embarrassingly false.

*98% of this book feels like pure bullshit. Jim Morrison was a very heavy drinker (even dear old Patricia says this a few times), behavior that is known to cause, amongst other things, lethargy and impotency. Yet, according to Kennealy, her and Jim’s sex life (something that she discusses redundantly) was fabulous all the time, and that he never, ever faltered in that department. I really wish that I could list off the countless other resources that have remarked on Jim’s alcohol related impotency.. namely Pamela herself and Paul Rothchild. Patricia also denies that Jim Morrison was ever violent towards anyone. Many more people have attested to that one. Jim was not a horrible person by any means, but he had his wild streaks.

*Patricia fails to make Jim seem special or intelligent or wild or extraordinary at all. He becomes a caricature not unlike the one played by Val Kilmer. The Jim Morrison in this book can’t seem to shut up.. he jibber jabbers constantly. There is even a scene at one point where Jim WEEPS, uncontrollably over his love for Patricia. ‘Kay.

*Patricia sure does remember down to minutia exactly what she was wearing over 20 years ago (this book was written in 91-92) while on several “dates” with Jim. Hm.

*Despite her apparent raucous dislike for Pam, PK falters at times with how she apparently feels about her. PK was actually friends with Pam while Pam was alive, but I suppose that was easy enough to discard when Pamela herself died, in favor of cashing in on Jim’s name. There are quite a few moments where PK portrays Pam as being very dumb, and having the mindset of a child, and then she’ll turn around and say things like, “She wasn’t THAT kind of stupid!” She mentions a few times that Pam was very sweet, and that she feels sorry for her, and even prays for her to this day. Also, she cannot seem to let go off how beautiful Pamela really was.

"Pamela Susan Courson, nine months younger than I, three years younger than Jim, is a staggeringly pretty woman."

"By no means charmless, extremely pretty.."

"She was pretty, she was charming, and so on…"

"This must surely be the only alleged biopic ever made where the two real-life lead characters were far more beautiful than the two actors who portray them on the screen Though Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan are pretty enough, next to Jim and Pam they look like dull unattractive urchins with bad har (wigs, but still)."

*She also prattles on and on about how she had such lovely auburn hair when she was “with” Jim, but colored photos from that time show that Patricia’s hair color was actually more of an ash brown, without so much as a hint of a red tone. Looks like she’s been dyeing her hair auburn ever since Jim died so that she can claim that his songs praising bright red hair were about her.This is not unlike what Pamela DesBarres, Nico, and Janet Erwin (a Jim groupie) have done in an attempt to look Morrison’s type since Pam and Jim have both passed on.

*The book is wholly self serving. I can’t find not one admitted flaw.

*Patricia takes as many pot shots as she can at other Doors insiders, as well as the surviving Doors, Jim/Pam’s families, and even his dog, Sage.

*Try as she may to discredit Pam’s intellect/worth as a human being, she does not dare deny Pamela’s importance to Jim, and even says the following:

"I believe he loved Pamela as well as anyone, or could love anyone."

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